Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Going out in a Wheelchair

I just have to say..I was a little nervous that people would treat me strangely when I started needing to use a wheelchair to go out (shopping and the like.) Well, I've been pleasantly surprised. =) I feel like people have treated me very normally..haven't really had any weird moments at all. So far, I'm just so blessed to have some wheels that let me shop (went out school clothes shopping last night and would NEVER have made it on my, I'd have paid for it for days/weeks afterward.) I used my blesing of a ti-lite, and was able to fully participate. God blessed the money too, as there wasn't much, but somehow lots of nice new school clothing items were purchased, and I don't think anyone will be going back to school tomorow feeling out of sync or embarrassed. They are excited and confident; that makes me so happy! I was never confident, so have always tried hard to help the kids God allowed me to raise to step out looking and feeling their best. Now, about getting back on an early morning get-up schedule....hoping that goes ok; being semi-nocturnal over the summer was fun, but it sure is hard to turn a schedule back around *sigh*. It'll work out though, and I'm excited about getting back into the groove. I'm hoping to be able to start getting in some tutoring hours, to help the finances and to save toward an off-road wheelchair - I want to participate in EVERYTHING..not just shopping! I need lots of prayers, as pain really takes a major toll on me and I need to find a way to safely control it..going to a pain clinic soon as I *FINALLY* got a referral (long story, but suffice it to say that I'm pretty disenchanted with most of the medical community these days.) I so hope and pray that the pain clinic will be able to help me. Hugs to anyone reading, Tracy

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